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Are HVAC Mini Splits right for my home?

A mini-split system is a ductless air conditioner that can cool and heat a home. It offers zone-control with each indoor unit having a different temperature setting.

Mini-splits can be two to four times more efficient andcan blow cool air from separate air handlers, providing zone-control. There are single-zone and multi-zone setups available.

The indoor units can be wall-mounted or suspended. Mini-splits provide individual control of each indoor area for customized temperature settings. They are more efficient than ducted HVAC systems and can save on energy costs.

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Mini Splits - North Hall Heating & Air

Mini-splits can also heat a home, eliminating the need for a separate furnace. Each indoor unit has its own replaceable air filter and dehumidification capabilities.

The downside to mini splits is the upfront costs of installing a the system can be high, and electrical work may be required. Portable units and window units are cheaper alternatives but less energy efficient. The number of mini-splits needed depends on the size and needs of each zone.

Properly sized indoor units are more efficient than larger units meant to cover multiple rooms. Mini-split systems have two main components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The noise levels of mini-split units vary depending on capacity, with indoor units having decibel levels between 20-49 and outdoor units between 45-60. HVAC contractors have advantages over DIY installation, and manufacturers offer warranties for equipment installed by licensed HVAC technicians. DIY installation requires technical skills and knowledge. Electrical requirements for mini-split systems vary, with smaller units sometimes only requiring 110-115 volts.

Many homeowners choose to install mini split systems in rooms or areas of the home where cooling is inefficient. If you are considering the installation of a mini-split system, consult North Hall Heating & Air to get the best receommendations for your home and your specific indoor cooling needs.

Mini Split Maintenance

The best way to be sure that your HVAC system is operating efficiently is to schedule regular maintenance. You can make sure your system is ready to support your comfort throughout the year. Call the HVAC experts at North Hall Heating & Air at 770-539-4645.

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